dimanche 2 juin 2013

Try again

Hi !
As you guessed I'm not an assiduous blogger, haha ! I had a lot of time, to do some posts but I was so unmotivated.
Few days ago, I wanted to see if my blog was deactivated by the blogger staff, guess what ? It was not, and surprise I even get more followers ! 20 Since my last "real" post !
So thank you, it was such a nice astonishment even I don't understand why, LOL !
Actually it is the only thing that motivated me to do this post.

Since I don't know what to talk about, I will write about what I've looked like this last months.

I've been Blond :


Then I had dark hair : 

Enjoying my first D.I.A dress :

And I've won Rose's Giveaway (yaaay !)

That's all ! 

Next time I hope that I will review the diamond lash. I've bought 4 box.
Stay  rock   

4 commentaires:

Honey Tan a dit…

Cute! Which one do you prefer the blonde or the brunette?

Minna a dit…

Hey cutie,
I prefer blond on me. Or a lighter color. I think that dark colors don't suit me very well.

Honey Tan @ ihearthoneytan.com a dit…

Cool. Surprisingly I have had good reactions from blonde so I kept it. Thanks for the reply. ^_^

Minna a dit…

Yeah ! You really should :D