dimanche 24 octobre 2010

Shahana 's giveaway

Sorry I didn't update, again ! TT-TT Imma too lazy > o <
In fact I've so many thing to say.. For exemple I colored my hair. I chose blond but in fact I think I didn't do it properly cause Imma not blond at all XD
My hair are just lighter than before but I like the way there are now ^^
But I don't know if I ll be more ugly if I become blond for the real (I m really affraid of that
TT o TT )
I ll do some pic's ... Later (in fact I already did. But I'm ugly on it XD )


Well let speak now about Shahana, a member of the Lovely SA.

She reaches more 50 followers !!!

So she organizes a giveaway ( ' w ' )/

What a crazy and amazing false eyelashes ¤_¤ ~ and that nail polish (\\ * q*)// and the makeup
Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (> w < ///)

So congratulation to her ! =) And I hope that you will continue your blog for a long time

Go visit her blog that's : http://shahanastyle.blogspot.com

2 commentaires:

Shahana Style a dit…

Thanks for posting. I am happy to have more people reading. It's nice.
Now post some photos of your new hair color!!!

(Also, sorry for late reply. I am always commenting and forgetting to hit send or finish the anti-spam feature haha)

Momoko ももこ a dit…

non t'inquiete je ne vous oublie pa :p !! 'w'// <3